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Before going further in this section, we recommend you to read in detail the chapters relating to the markings: <a href='/en/page/faq#configurateur4'>Embroidery and digital printed designs.</a> <br>This page shows all available spots to place your custom logos. We will contact you on receipt of your order to propose a quotation relating to these markings. <br>In an additional e-mail, we will ask you to send your graphic files, and comments with very detailed explanations: logo name, size, colors, requirements, placement, etc.

Digital printed designs is a printing technique offering more possibilities than embroidery, integrating the marking directly into the fibre of the fabric. This process allows you to print shades, gradations, effects of colors and lights, etc.

These pictures provide an overview of the requested design, but cannot promise to reproduce 100% of the final result.

Ensure you have indicated all the colours, materials and options you want. Once you have added to the shipping cart, you will not be able to modify your model

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